Kitchen embroidery design - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 78

19th March 2018
We are growing our kitchen designs! Here’s another one, what more do you want us to do?

Friends embroidery design - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 77

18th March 2018
Best friends are hard to find, show yours how much you appreciate then by making them a lovely present using this gorgeous little design. Could be used on a bag, purse, t-shirt, tea towel, apron or anything else that you feel is suitable for you Best Friend.

simple embroidery design - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 76

17th March 2018
Happy St Patrick’s day to you all, unfortunately we haven’t had time to do a design to celebrate this day, just so many other things going on, office moving tumble fixing and bed runner making but it is all good. Although the beast from the East may be paying us a return visit and it is absolutely freezing we can still all SMILE knowing that next weekend the clocks will change and we get some decent amount of daylight back again.

Felting and embroidery - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 75

16th March 2018
Another beautiful sunset this time with a special set of Stones, Avebury Stone Circle is a truly magical place to visit and this could be a perfect reminder of your visit or just something to put on your wall to remind you to go there one day.

Kitchen embroidery design 2 - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 74

15th March 2018
Every Kitchen has its rules! Here’s ours.
This one will definitely be placed on a few aprons and tea towels to remind everybody.
What are your kitchen rules?

umbrella cute embroidery design - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 73

14th March 2018
As much as we dislike rain and are getting very fed up with it… it is one of the ingredients we need to produce beautiful rainbows . Here’s a really sweet design inspired by what feels like never ending rain. This will be live on the website next week or you can message us if you want to grab it early.

mandala embroidery design - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 72

13th March 2018
Trying out mandala designs today, there will be a few more of these popping up soon, what do you think we should put this onto/make it into?

Some Bunny Loves You - Real View - Threaded Scribbles

Day 71

12th March 2018
Getting more Easter designs ready, this one is so adorable and needs to be going to good homes. Please love the bunnies.

Some Bunny Loves You

The Bunny Family Embroidery Design | Threaded Scribbles

Day 70

11th March 2018
Well it might be Mother’s Day but the work still goes on here, we are currently working on Easter designs and thought we would share this one with you. This will be a custom design, the amount of bunnies and names you need you can out into your order and the design will come back to you complete with what you have requested.

Day 69 - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 69

10th March 2018
Today we have a logo, some strange colours maybe, when test sewing sometimes we do use random colours just because they happened to be on the machine. Just so that you know whatever colours your design comes with on the design information, you can change them for whatever colours you want. As long and the colours are not grouped they can easily be changed for whatever you want to use.

Day 68 - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 68

9th March 2018
Look out for more of these coming just because we are loving them. These will shortly be available as kits to order on line. You will receive the backing fabric to embroider the design onto plus a download of the design so you can make your own. These will also be available to buy complete.

Day 67 - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 67

8th March 2018
We had pillow cases last month the pillow cases, today we have designed and tested the bed runners, not the right fabric or colours but the design works well, it is a 3 way split design, you can’t tell from the photo but it is about 50cm width and 30 cm high. We are waiting for the suppliers to arrive to do the real ones. We promise an update photo when the supplies arrive and they are done. These will be sorted and ready for the opening of the new Bedrock Furniture Shop at the end of the month.

Elephant embroidery design - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 66

7th March 2018
Lovely elephant family today, this is a customer request. If you have any ideas that you would like brought to life in stitch, please contact us.

Day 66 - Daily Scribbles Project - Threaded Scribbles

Day 65

6th March 2018
This is just one of the logos we have completed today. If you have a logo or anything else you would like digitised and sewn out, please get in touch.

Day 64

5th March 2018
A different dog for today but still looking very splendid.

Day 63

4th March 2018
Customer request today and I think we have done it justice, so who knows what building this is? There is a £5.00 voucher up for grabs for the Threaded Scribbles site for the first person to get it right.

Cycling embroidery design - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 62

3rd March 2018
This design was created with all the cycling people in mind that do charity bike rides raising funds in memory of somebody they have lost. A bit of work in progress still with this one, we have done a couple of different options for the fill on the characters but not quite sure which one if any will be the finished article.

Day 61

2nd March 2018
A variation on a theme today following on from the felting fabric and stunning sunset colours, this one was designed and made with all the lovely Kenya ladies in mind. After what seemed like endless days of cycling of which 90% was uphill, 400km covered in ridiculously hot temperatures and getting up at 5am every morning; on the last day when we finally stayed in a really nice hotel with lovely air conditioned rooms and really comfy beds, we all decided to get up even earlier in the morning so we could sit on the veranda and watch the beautiful sunrise over the Nairobi National Park and look out for the giraffes.

Day 60

1st March 2018
It’s official we are not liking the snow, weekend plans have gone out of the window are now blowing around with the snow. Feeling sad. On a brighter note we have a lovely stag design today, I hope they are all staying warm out there. Two colour ways in this so far, which do you prefer?