Day 59

28th February 2018
Well here we are at the end of February already and it is freezing out there! No snow where we are yet but that will probably change overnight. We are okay here we have food and milk and the shops are within walking distance if we need anything else. We also hope all this winter type stuff will go somewhere else very soon, things to do, places to be!!! Logo for a customer today and we thought it was very apt given the inclement weather conditions out there. Stay safe and warm everybody.

Day 58

27th February 2018
Following on from yesterday’s post and after a very late night playing around on felting machine, the combination of felting your own fabric and changing slightly one of our designs, this is the result. Over the moon (or sun) with it and there will definitely be more of these to come.

Day 57

26th February 2018
We are always thinking up new and interesting things here and today you get to see a tiny preview of what is the start of some materials we will be using with new designs. Still in its embryonic stage but will be lush when we get time to finish some of these.

Custom design embroidery - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 56

25th February 2018
Golden Wedding celebration designs for today, two different versions, might possibly make a couple of small changes yet, which do you prefer?

Day 55

24th February 2018
Ooooohhhhh late one tonight totally emerged is digitizing more logos I forgot what time it was, this is one of the logos we have completed today. Two ‘L’s’ on the top, one with a plain fill and one with a patterned fill, I gave the customer the choice as to which she preferred as both will be the same but which one did she choose? Which one would you have chosen?

Day 54

23rd February 2018

Remeber our wonderful #ridethenight high-vis jackets…? Well, we’ve transformed them into something our customers can use again and again and never forget their memorable cycling event!
#womenvcancer #actionforcharity

Day 53

22nd February 2018

Well no dogs today but ‘I thought I saw a puddy cat’!!!! Yes, customer request for this one digitized and tested, sent to customer who has also sewn it out and it very happy with it. The designs definitely still work once they have left the building.

Day 52

21st February 2018

Customer request and a very rough drawing was sent with a few written guidelines and this was the end result, looks great just waiting to hear back now. If you have any ideas about something you would like please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Animals Embroidery Designs

Day 51

20th February 2018

We have an exciting project underway involving these lovely cuties! We have 6 all designed and tested, only another 4 more to do before we release this lovely children’s bunting set.

Day 50 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 50

19th February 2018

Another gorgeous pooch for today might have to do a few more humans soon.

Unicorn Cuddles - Real View - Threaded Scribbles

Day 49

18th February 2018

A lovely magical unicorn today, this is a 4 x 4 design so ideal to go onTeddee & Co and other similar critters. This one will be on line tomorrow.

Day 48 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 48

17th February 2018

Another beloved beast done today, not just the file this time but made into a cushion using a beautiful brown hessian. Ordered as a birthday gift by a lovely lady for her son, I think he will be really happy with it.

Day 47 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 47

16th February 2018

Threaded Scribbles will happily design, digitise and create anything you need or may want. We are always looking for the next fantastic project from our clients; we loved our latest request from the lovely brave ladies of the Ride the Night participants wanting something done to these high-vis jackets. Can you guess what?

Day 46

15th February 2018

Trying out new things today for replicating beloved pets, a bit more work to do but not far off.

Day 45 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 45

14th February 2018

We are fully aware that it is Valentine’s Day but we thought it would be too late to do another Valentine’s Day design so we have added this to our range instead. It will be going on line very soon.

Day 44 - Daily Scribbles Project

Day 44

13th February 2018

A couple of Easter designs today, watch out for the bunnies!! The little one is already on line. https://threadedscribbles.com/shop/easter-designs/bunny-easter-bow/ it will fit a 4 x 4 frame so ideal to go onTeddee & Co type critters.
The bunny in the egg will have an applique version as well.

Day 43 - Daily Scribbles Project

Day 43

12th February 2018

Back to nature today with this lovely red squirrel, we are so looking forward to spring here.

Day 42 - Threaded Scribbles Project

Day 42

11th February 2018

A couple of lovely designs for a little person’ room today, these are so cute. I think we will be designing our own children’s characters soon and making some beautiful things for little people’s rooms. Watch this space. If you have a few ideas of your own and would like them digitized, please get in touch.

Day 41 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 41

10th February 2018

Well we have had family here today, which means a few little people running around; they very kindly bought us lots of clothes that needed repairing, altering and generally sorting out, always lovely to see them though. We also had time to sort out a few designs, this one looks superb, logo designed in-house as well. We have lots of these to do and bed runners to go with them will be coming soon. Bedrock Furniture family run business, always good service and good prices.

Day 40 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 40

9th February 2018

Nice little 4 x 4 (10 x 10cm) today, ideal to go on a Teddee or any other cuddly critter of the ilk. These look so good embroidered out onto the critters. The name in this can be changed to whatever name you like. On line now. The critter shown is Baxter bear available from Teddee & Co

Day 39 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 39

8th February 2018

The season must be arriving, this is the second Flyball logo we have been asked to do. All those lovely doggies out there racing around and keep fit, healthy and well trained…. It can only be good.

Day 38 - Wedding Embroidery Designs

Day 38

7th February 2018

A couple of finished items for today, one design that we did in house a few days ago now sewn onto a hoodie and the other for a customer request for somebody who has a birthday coming up soon, made us laugh loads. If you know anybody with a special birthday coming up let us know and we will find something suitably embarrassing to embroider onto something for them.

Day 37 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 37

6th February 2018

A couple of new cute little designs to show you today (2 designs just sewn out together), they will, along with a few others be on line and on a Valentine’s sale on the morning of the 8th Feb. Just enough time to get something made for that somebody special.

Day 36 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 36

5th February 2018

A few logos completed today all tested and sew out beautifully another sporting one, this time running. If you are taking part or have taken part in an event of some sort and would like something digitized and sewn out as a memory of the event, get in touch and we will sort something out for you.

Day 35 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 35

4th February 2018

Special, special, special, special here today, SPECIAL badge design for a SPECIAL Lady who has recently lost her SPECIAL husband and soulmate. This will have a SPECIAL place in her house and in her heart.

Day 34 - Daily Scribbles - Threaded Scribbles

Day 34

3rd February 2018

More cycling stuff today and very well timed as the girls have been out and bought new bikes today!!! OMG going to have to sort mine out as we need to be riding as ‘Team Threaded Scribbles’. New designs for that coming up soon for us!

Day 33

2nd February 2018

Calling all cycling clubs or any other sports club, you can have a logo designed, digitized and sewn on garments. This is a lovely example of what we can do here and we really enjoyed doing this one.

Photo Digitising - Threaded Scribbles

Day 32

1st February 2018

The start of a new month and lots of new things to come, it’s all very exciting. For today we have another doggy, we love doing these.