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Day 31

31st January 2018

Here we are at the end of January already!!!! Where did that go? Lovely moon tonight though, if you haven’t been outside and had a look, do it now before you miss it.
Today we have a new birth block to add to the collection; these look so good sewn out on any of the Teddee & Co collection. This one will be on line later this week. If you have any special requests for this type of thing, get in touch and we will do what we can to sort something out for you.

Day 30

30th January 2018

Lots of little bits and pieces today but all important and very relevant to the client asking for them

Croft End Embroidery - Equestrian Logo - Threaded Scribbles

Day 29

29th January 2018

Lovely horse logo for today, customer sent a photo of the horse with the rider that had been taken at a show, lots of things in the background that needed to be removed. We played around with the photo in photoshop, then set to work digitizing it and added the required wording. This was sent back to the customer who set to work with it immediately and this is the finished result. It looks absolutely fantastic, I am sure all the club members will be very proud to wear these.

Day 28 - Wedding and 'adulting' Embroidery Designs - Threaded Scribbles

Day 28

28th January 2018

Great having our new works pace sorted out and has made it easier for us to work together properly. Today has seen us produce some logos for clients, a scary clown face and six of our own designs completed and sewn out. We will have all of our new designs on line for you very soon.

Day 27 - Wedding Embroidery Designs - Threaded Scribbles

Day 27

27th January 2018

Manic day here today trying to get our workspace moved and sorted out, all in all we did quite well but still lots to do before we have completed the shift around. The moving sorting and shifting took up the best part of the day but we do still have some new designs to show you that will be tested and on line soon. This will be part of our new wedding range.

Day 26

26th January 2018

Two completely different designs for today, the mandala was a long process but worth it as the end result is beautiful. As we are coming up for Valentine’s Day we thought the lovers would be very apt.

Day 25 - Coffee and Elephant Design - Threaded Scribbles

Day 25

25th January 2018

Well today we have some new designs we are working on, four coffee ones for a set of coasters/mug rugs, whatever you want to call them and then a cute little elephant. A few changes to be made yet but not bad for a first sew out.

Reach out to yourself - embroidery design - threaded scribbles

Day 24

24th January 2018

Something deep and meaningful today and probably something we should all do more of.

Daily Scribbles - Logo Design and Logo Digitising | Threaded Scribbles

Day 23

23rd January 2018

Logo designing, digitizing and sewing today for one of these and very fine it looks too. Another logo done, some odd bits finished off as well. Orders for fabrics and threads have gone in today so hopefully will have some lovely finished projects to show you all soon.

Day 22

22nd January 2018

Something completely different, no animals today instead a lovely fringed and feathered Dreamcatcher. We are thinking it would look lovely on a journal cover. If you have any other ideas, please share them with us.

Photo Digitising | Threaded Scribbles

Day 21

21st January 2018

We are now three weeks into our project (that has flown by) and it is all going well so far, things are developing all the time and we are going to start getting our project samples together soon. Today we have finished with the monkey business not with animals as today we have this gorgeous dog. A very happy lady is going to be sewing this one anytime soon.

Snuggle Monkey | Digitised Design | Threaded Scribbles

Day 20

20th January 2018

More monkey business here today, must be the weekend, so many uses for this little monkey.

Monkey Photo | Photo Digitising | Threaded Scribbles

Day 19

19th January 2018

Well it is Friday and it is now very late, just too many things to do here, it’s all been a bit of ‘monkeying’ around today and this is the result. We need to put in a thread order as we haven’t got all the right colours here now but all in all not a bad effort.

Original Monkey Photo | Photo Digitising | Threaded Scribbles

Day 18

18th January 2018

Loved digitizing this logo it is very important to us as we have been fundraising for this charity for nearly eight years. This is the new logo for them and we were thrilled to be asked to digitize it for them.

Day 17 - Logo Digitising - Threaded Scribbles

Day 17

17th January 2018

Finished this beautiful military badge today, we were not happy with the lettering so changed it all and tried it out again but without sewing the whole thing again. The revised lettering definitely looks much better. We have then spent the later part of the day playing with photos again that could be for tomorrow now.

Day 16 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 16

16th January 2018

Lots of logo digitizing today as well as more helmet badges sewn, packaged and sent out. We are going to keep this brief today as there is a lot more to do before bed tonight. Picture shows just a few bits from today, ruler is there to give you an idea of size, the two outside ones were tiny but packed full of detail.

Day 15 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 15

15th January 2018

Apart from a few more customer request logos that have been finished today, we have managed to find a bit of time to produce a couple of freebie designs to go on the website. A bit of playing with the software has produced two very effective designs, a monogram flower ripple and an off centre 3D effect ripple.

Day 14 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 14

14th January 2018

It is coming up to that time of year again when thousands of lovely ladies mount their steeds and do a tour of London!!! In other words Women vs Cancer Ride-the-Night-2018 2018 is fast approaching. For those of you that are not aware of this event, thousands of ladies ( it is a women only event) of all ages, shapes and sizes get on their bikes and cycle 100kms around London starting off at Windsor Race course. This year there are so many ladies willing to give up their time and putting in loads of effort, not only training but fund raising as well that the event has been split over two dates. 5th May and 26th May. I think there might be some kind of Royal event happening in between the 2 dates as well! The event is in order to raise funds for Women V Cancer who support Breast, cervical and ovarian cancer.
We designed and made these helmet/bicycle name badges a couple of years ago now and the profits made go to my fundraising. To that end we have today started making them again for this year’s event and hope to be doing a lot more over the next few months.

Day 16 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 13

13th January 2018

New things being learned all the time and we have spent a few hours learning things today (every day is a school day), the time spent doing this is precious but the learning is extremely valuable. Another customer request sorted out today, this one took some doing nearly 38,000 stitches and just over an hour to sew out, looks super though. The ladies husband has just had a liver transplant so this one means a lot.

Pet Digitising | Threaded Scribbles

Day 12

12th January 2018

Something completely different day, it took a bit of sorting out as the direct transfer into a photostitch file is not very good. After a few changes, colour stitch cuts and moving loads of individual stitches around, this is the result. It is strange and fascinating watching these stitch out as they build up in colour parts and nothing really looks right until if finishes and even then you only get the real beauty of it from a slight distance. Looking at close quarters the brain and eye don’t co-ordinate properly. I think we will be trying more of these soon.
Below is the photo sent to us and the finished sew out.

Car Valet | Logo Digitising | Threaded Scribbles

Day 11

11th January 2018

Another logo day today and all our looking splendid. We have been building a feedback page for the website, that is now up and running. All those of you that have bought a design or had commissioned work from us, please feel free to leave us a review and a photo, we can’t wait to see them.

Dollies & Dudes | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 10

10th January 2018

The days are whizzing past way too quickly and it is rather disconcerting so a very quick post today as we still have loads to do. Another logo for a customer, this one is rather cute. photos are original image sent and then finished stitch out

Day 9 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 9

9th January 2018

It has been a bit of a bitty day today. Started something, had to stop and do something else, went back to the original thing and got distracted again and so the day went on. Lots of bits of things have been done but not very much completed. Really must try harder springs to mind! What does that mean in real terms? It means today’s finished ‘article’ is a logo digitized for a customer. They were happy to receive it though.

Day 8 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 8

8th January 2018

The split and filled alphabet was finished today, the letter ‘N’ was the last to be digitized not that we meant to do them out of order, but very late last night that Naughty letter ‘N’ was not behaving!!! The only thing to do was to close everything down and sleep on it, not literally of course. Finishing this off was the first job of the day and worked like a dream. These will be going on line over the next few days. We have test stitched a few of them and they look very effective so look out for these coming soon. Very useful for the Teddee style critters, baby towels and blankets, kids t-shirts to name but a few.

Day 7 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 7

7th January 2018

A few different things for today, penguin pillow cases for a penguin lover lady, designed, tested and put on pillow cases for her Birthday today.

Day 6 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 6

6th January 2018

Well it might be Saturday but work is still going on here, today’s design is a customer request and I love it, we are thinking a version of this might go on the website soon.
Then there is this one ready to go on another lovely Teddee & Co

Day 5 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 5

5th January 2018

A useful and productive day today, we have been working on some new designs for Michael Manley’s Teddee & Co range. Here are three of the finished and tested ones, and we are really pleased with how they have stitched out. The Teddees range embroidered with one of our designs make superb and special gifts that the recipient will want to keep forever. These adorable creatures are available as blanks ready to embroider onto from https://www.teddee.online

Day 4 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 4

4th January 2018

Today passed me by way too quickly and I haven’t had time to do most of the things that I was planning to do, but I have managed to make beautiful wings for this Alicorn and will be making lots more as there is another 22 or them that need wings. The Alicorns will then be wired wrapped by Mandy Mander of Avebury Faeries

Day 3

3rd January 2018

Well, today has been a little slow due to storm Eleanor keeping us up last night. I had to take a little ‘nana nap’ to keep me going but, today I have digitised this lovely design for one of our customers. I must say it does sew out beautifully and looks really cute.

Day 2

2nd January 2018

Here we are on day 2 already, it has been quite a productive day, I managed to get a few designs finished today and some of them are going online as I type. I must have been feeling the romance in the air today as I have sorted a couple of designs for valentines day.

Doe it for me: https://threadedscribbles.com/shop/valentines/doe-it-for-me/
Heart : https://threadedscribbles.com/shop/valentines/heart-1/

Day 1 | Daily Scribbles | Threaded Scribbles

Day 1

1st January 2018

Threaded Scribbles Project 2018
At Threaded Scribbles we have decided to run a year long project, called ‘DAILY SCRIBBLES’. Every day we will be producing a design, or a make of some sort. We will post the design or make on our Threaded Scribbles Facebook page and support group and on the Malling Makes Facebook page . All the new designs will go on the website and the things that we make that are not for customers will be sold at the end of the year in order to raise money for charity. More details to follow. The project is still in its infancy and will develop as time goes on, we will post updates as they happen.
Picture is today’s design and will be going on the website soon.