How to download and move a new design onto your embroidery machine

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You bought an embroidery file and now you are ready to use it! We have written a little ‘how to’ on downloading your files and getting them ready to go on your machine. This tutorial is based around a computer that is using Windows 10 however, these instructions will be very similar to any version of Windows. For Mac users, this tutorial is still relevant but you may need to look around for the buttons we are referring too. Please feel free to leave any comments and ask any questions, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

First things first, before trying to get a file on your embroidery machine the best thing to do is organise a folder system on your computer to organise all your designs so that you can find them easily. Here is a simple structure you can follow to keep yourself organised.



Create a folder and follow this structure (please feel free to rename these as you wish):

Go to Documents:

  1. Create a folder and name it ‘Embroidery Files’.
    1. Create ‘Threaded Scribbles Designs’ Folder (Inside of Embroidery Files folder.)
    2. Create ‘Example 1’ (use name of your choice) Folder (Inside of Embroidery Files folder.)
    3. Create ‘Example 2’ (use name of your choice) Folder (Inside of Embroidery Files folder.)

You can create as many other folders as you need inside you Embroidery Files Folder, giving them whatever names you want for designs that you have purchased from other companies.



Now you are ready to download our file. For designs bought on Threaded Scribbles, your downloadable file will be in your ‘My Account’ area. To find these go onto our website and head to ‘My Account’ which is in the top bar at the top of the page and login if you are not already logged in. Go to ‘Downloads’ section. Here you will find all the files you have bought. Simply click on the file name to instantly download the file.

Threaded Scribbles - My account section - Downloads Button

Once your file is downloaded, open a new file explorer window. Which is this icon on your taskbar:

Windows 10 Taskbar - Folder Icon

Once a window has opened, find your ‘DOWNLOADS’ folder. This can normally be found in the menu on the left-hand side.In your Downloads folder find the file you have just downloaded, all designs bought from Threaded Scribbles will be named by the SKU number, for example ‘V4PES’. Our files will always be in a zipped folder as we have several files inside the folder.



There are 2 ways in which you can unzip your file in Windows 10

Number One:

  • Click on your zipped folder and right click.
  • Look for an option called ‘Extract All’
  • When presented with the ‘Select Destination’ Window click ‘Browse’
  • Navigate to your ‘Embroidery Files’ folder that you created earlier in this tutorial (use the menu on the left-hand side to find your folder.)
  • Double click on the folder you would like to extract new design folder into
  • To finish click ‘Extract’

Number Two:

  • Click on your zipped folder and in the top bar you will see an option in red appear.
  • Click on ‘Extract’
  • Your top toolbar will then change and you will see a button called ‘Extract All’ click this button
  • You will then be presented with the ‘Select Destination’ Window click ‘Browse’
  • Navigate to your embroidery folder you created earlier in this tutorial (use the menu on the left-hand side to find your folder)
  • Double click on the folder you would like to extract new design folder into
  • To finish click ‘Extract’



This is now the final step before being able to sew out your beautiful new design!

Firstly plug your USB stick into your computer, then go to your ‘Embroidery Designs’ folder and navigate to the design you wish to sew.


  • Right Click on your design and select ‘Copy’ from the menu that will appear
  • Navigate to your USB folder (you will find this in the menu on the left-hand side) and single click to open it
  • Right-click anywhere in the white space and click ‘Paste’

The VERY final step is to make sure we eject the USB safely to avoid any data getting damaged. To do this ‘right click’ on the USB folder in the menu on the left-hand side and click on the ‘Eject’ option from the menu that appears.


Taddaaaa! If you’ve made it this far you’ve done it! Your USB stick has your downloaded design and it’s ready to go onto your machine. If you have had any problems during this tutorial and would like some help, please comment below and help you out as best as we can.

Thank you!

Download PDF Version

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11 thoughts on “How to download and move a new design onto your embroidery machine

  1. joyce says:

    how do u go from phone to computer i have a brother with software called ped basic i need my design on there so i can put it on card that goes into my machine to embroidery from thank you

    • maddie.malling says:

      Hi Joyce! Thanks for the message.

      This entirely depends on which website you have bought your designs from. If you have bought your designs from us you will have an account created for you where your design is available to download from any device at any time (also you can download your threaded scribbles designs however many times you like). On top of this Threaded Scribbles sends you an email with a downloadable link.

      If you have bought from a different website and would like some help getting this onto your computer please email us at and we will do our best to help you.

    • maddie.malling says:

      Hi Kathy, no sound on these videos but the text explains what is happening. Future videos will have voice explanations with them 🙂

  2. Sheil says:

    I have a Singer Futura which does not take usb. It has a cable connection to my laptop. How do i get designs in to the machine? Thank you for your expertise.

    • maddie.malling says:

      Hi Sheil,
      Thanks for leaving us a message! You should have a CD that came with your machine, this would be the software you need to use your embroidery machine. You can still follow the folder structure, downloading and unzipping of your design instructions from this tutorial.

      The final step for yourself would be to open your Singer Futura software, click the ‘open’ button and find your embroidery design file. Then click open, from here you should be able to click ‘File’ and look for the option ‘Transmit to Futura Machine’.

      Here is a video I have found for you. It should help take you through the steps:

      Hope this helps.

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